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Pure sonic immersion involving intention, transmuting unwanted patterns, and aligning with elemental forces to shift to higher vibrational states; and creating balance within the human energy matrix to harmonize with the New Earth energies.

Have you ever wanted to go deeply into Sound, Silence, and the Sanctuary of your own heart?

Join Mark Torgeson as he conducts a day of music, sound healing and silence with the objective of opening portals of light in the deep recesses of your being.

The Dragon is a being known across many cultures for its strength and transformational qualities. Because it is a master of the four elements - gliding easily between earth, wind, fire and water - it has been able to transcend third dimensional limitations and reside in the fifth dimension and beyond. We as a race of humans are doing the same: transcending our limitations and claiming mastery of the elements within us to enter into higher dimensions of joy, light, and manifestation. We are evolving rapidly with the earth, ready or not!

During this playshop we will explore each of the four elements by using sound and vibration to stimulate, invoke, and entrain the codes within us to match the New Earth energetics.

The Elements
sunFire is the element of transmutation, transformation. It is exemplified by the sun, and processes of combustion and metabolism. We will work with the Violet Flame of Transmutation to clear mental and emotional patternings not serving one's higher purpose.

water fairyWater is the element we are most comprised of. It creates fluidity in all bodily systems and functions. It also symbolizes deep emotion and feeling.  The seas, rivers, rain, and precious water we drink are all part of the water cycle.  We will explore the connection between all life with water as its lifeblood.

skyAir  is externalized by wind, and yet each breath is its immediate personification.  Our vocalizations are propelled by air and the breath, and so this element embraces communication. Wind reaches all corners of the earth, and objectifies our joys as well as our discontents.

mushroomEarth is the ground, the mineral kingdom of which we are composed, the most solid substance of which the body is comprised. Strong relationship to this element guarantees a solid relationship with the planet, 3D consciousness, and our ability to manifest.

singing bowlMark will use goings, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls and bells, keyboards, piano and drums to clear calcified energy patterns, and introduce vibratory frequencies which help you to align with the evolving planetary grid.

This playshop is experiential, meaning there is a minimal amount of talking. Education and instruction is limited to a brief introduction to the material and suggestions on how to make the most of your experience. The largest portion of the time will be spent in immersion in sound, bathing in the frequencies of transformation, and integrating that experience in silence. This format is designed to quiet the mind, allowing the energy body to flow with and entrain to the sound and music.


Mark Torgeson is a sound healer, musician and composer who conducts playshops and concerts with the intention of shifting and transforming consciousness. He has been a featured artist at the Midwest Lightworkers Conference and the  Festival of Enlightenment; has cofacilitated numerous consciousness raising workshops cross country; has created and taught courses on sound healing; has composed and produced over 40 albums of music for shifting consciousness and transformation; and cofounded with his wife Center for Planetary Awakening, for teaching methods of vibrational transformation and remaining in the heart.

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