Sound Healing I


Healing and Transformation through Sound
Introduction to Sound Healing

Sound is the Original vibration from which all things arise. It is one of the most direct routes to experience states of sublime connectedness. Learn to use sound as a tool and portal to access deep levels of healing and transformation.

Do you have healing abilities and would like to incorporate Sound Healing into your repertoire of skills? Through Tibetan bowls, tingshas, drums, rattles, crystal bowls, and tuning forks find ways to enliven your practice, bypass the mind, and effectively transport others into healing and transformative states. We will discuss principles of harmonics and the building blocks of sound, as well as the manners in which sound affects the body, mind and spirit. Simple techniques of using non-traditional instruments will be explored.

Sample Schedule:

1. Opening Sound Meditation
2. Introduction to Sound and its use in healing and transformation
3. Principles of harmonics (overtones) and fundamentals of sound and music
4. Principles of healing as applied to sound
5. Overview of Sound Healing instruments
6. Techniques of performing various instruments
7. Practice of Sound Healing techniques with others
8. Questions and sharing
9. Closing Sound Meditation

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What should I bring?
Bring your own Sound Healing instrument (if you don’t have any, they will be provided), an open mind and a zest for fun!

Who is this workshop for?
Healers, sound healing practitioners, musicians, and lay people interested in a foundational understanding of the nature of sound and its capacity for shifting awareness.

I don’t know anything about Sound Healing; will I feel lost in this workshop?
This workshop assumes you are a healer of some sort, and have experience in directing energy. If you are practiced in that, everything else is pure learning, experience and fun!

I am a healer and wish to incorporate Sound Healing as an integral part of my practice.  What qualifications will I have at the end of this workshop?
This is the first of a series of courses designed to step one thoroughly into the intricasies of working with sound as a healing technique. You will be introduced to the fundamental concepts as well as have a chance to experience sound healing for yourself and practice on others.  This first class wil give you the tools to  open portals of healing  for others in your established practice; a way to swiftly bypass  mindful chatter so you can do your healing work.  Subsequent classes will more deeply explore using Sound Therapy as a stand-alone modality.

I am a professional musician with extensive classical training. What can I hope to learn?
Since you already are experienced in directing your energy through musical expression, you are prepared to learn the principles of healing using non-traditional methods and non-structured sounds to effect changes in your audience. Sound Healing is not a performance, but a mutual sharing and exploration of deepening consciousness between the activator and recipient.

Sound Healing seems so simplistic - how can it affect profound changes?
Connecting to your Source is the simplest and most fundamental aspect of this work. Once you are connected and able to maintain that connection, everything else has to do with your own style and intuition. By creating a space of saftey with your own connectedness, you open doorways of transformation for others.

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At the end of the workshop, participants will...
1.  Understand the prinicples of harmonics and how they are used as building blocks of Sound Healing and music.
2.  Have an understaning of the groups of instruments used in Sound Healing.
3.  Experience the effects of sound healing on themselves and their effect on others.
4.  Be able to use Sound Healing  to open a healing session and create a space for transformation and expansion.
5.  Gain a strong level of confidence in the use of the tools and techniques of Sound Healing.

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Sound Healing  classes are available in a variety of formats, including Certification.
Upon completion of the 20 hour certification program, a Sound Healing Certificate I will be awarded by Sound Healers for Planetary Awakening.

About the Facilitator:
Mark Torgeson is a pianist, composer and healer whose music has aired to internationally audiences. He earned his B.A. in music, spent twelve years counseling in the mental health field, then nineteen years in the energetic healing and bodywork field. During this time he taught, performed concerts and produced over 30 albums of music and works for healing and transformation. With his wife, author Carol Fitzpatrick, he formed Arayu, an organization dedicated to shifting global consciousness. Together they facilitate the Living the Miracleworkshops designed to shift one into sublime states of joy and expansion, where Sound Healing plays an integral part of the transformational process.  Mark is a Reiki Master,  NCMTB certified and a member of the AMTA.

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